Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a unique system of postural and respiratory re-education that combines the basics of hypopressive technique with myofascial stretching and neurodynamics. It allow for correct activation of core muscles without increasing intra-abdominal pressure, hence called Low Pressure Fitness.

Some of the benefits of LPF include:

✅Stronger deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

✅Improved posture​ㅤ

✅Prevents all types of herniation ​​​ㅤ

✅Regulates and/or improves respiratory parameters

✅Prevents and/or reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence

✅Improves venous return

✅Enhances quality of life and wellbeing

✅Flatter tummy without having to do crunches!!!


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Private LPF Sessions

Group LPF Sessions

  • Reflexions Pilates Studio

    “I have just finished all my promotional sessions for Low Pressure fitness(hypopressive breathing).
    I can’t believe the improvement in my breathing capacity. My 3km run has improved so much, due to being able to breathe easier.
    My posture has also improved as well as my core strength and I feel that my body shape has changed in my mid section. Love the stretching that we do also.”

  • Reflexions Pilates Studio

    “I just finished 5 sessions of Low-Pressure fitness (hypopressive breathing) with Erica and the results are amazing.
    The classes are small so I got a lot of hands-on time with Erica, as a result, she was very attentive to my skill level and helped adjust my posture every session.
    Prior to trying the low-pressure exercises, I thought my bowel movements were very regular, but after these sessions, I realised it could be so much better than I had ever thought. And as a result, my stomach has flattened out like I had never thought possible.
    During the classes, Erica also took the time to teach me how to use the exercise roller properly. (THANK YOU)
    Whatever class you decide to do, I HIGHLY recommend you exercise at ReFLEXions!!

    ps. I know it might not be as important to some people but, the studio's locations is AMAZING. Easy parking, right next to the shops to quickly pop in for grocery shopping and a cheeky COFFEE!!”

  • Reflexions Pilates Studio

    “I have just finished a course of the Low Pressure Fitness and wow was I blown away! I am feeling much better for it. My abs are switched on and my pelvic floor has been strengthened. I have also done pilates with Erica and have found her to be exeptionally proffessional and very friendly and welcoming. Erica is very focused on her individual client needs.
    Thanks Erica, you stand out above the rest ”

  • Reflexions Pilates Studio

    “The Low Pressure Fitness offers a new way of breathing that I had not encountered before and certainly engaged muscles that I think will help make a difference with cardio and more intense activities. Instructors are very friendly and accommodating.”